Lucy Gibson, (The List, 04/2004)

Alex Frost at Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow’s newest eponymous commercial gallery, makes sense. The small but charming interference to what should be the grotty back end of Paddy’s Market, sits neatly among its neighbours and within itself.

On entering the space the first thing that strikes you is that there are only two works on display. But they sit together with an air of confidence that draws you in to enquire further.

Untitled (ear and coat) is a large pencil drawing on graph paper. But the scale is so disproportionate to the common usage of graph paper that Frost has screen-printed his own.

This intensity of engagement is echoed by the time it must have taken to fill in the squares with a variety of cross, circle and equal signs. Stepping back through he gallery the intricacy of the piece pulls together to form an intimate moment, as you catch a portrait of both the artist and his environment, while seeing little of either.

Behind you is a sculptural piece, a physical manifestation of ephemeral packaging. The title of this piece, Everyday, seems to seep from the work, yet it is quite clearly an engagement with a Ryvita packet that most of us will never have. Each individual ‘brick’ is screen-printed and hand coloured; re-rendering the everday and subjecting it to Frost’s particular form of expression.

The show successfully indicates Frost’s diversity and assurance with his materials, serving to pique an interest, which will no doubt be satiated in the future.