Kirstin Innes, 'Local Heroes' (The List, 04/2008)

From large-scale installations by the stars of the contemporary art world to rough-edged ‘art pubs’ run by young local artists, director Francis McKee takes Kirstin Innes through some of the highlights of this year’s Glasgow International, and reveals a festival built around a deep and abiding love of the city.

This exhibition is essentially a collection of little-seen works form 1975 that the Lanark author and artist started in collaboration with Liz Lochhead and filmmaker Malcolm Hossick. ‘It’s an interesting choice of exhibition for Sorch Dallas,’ McKee observes, ‘firstly because it’s picking up an unrealised, long-forgotten project, and secondly because it’s asserting Alasdair’s rightful place in the contemporary art scene. He’s been hugely influential, and that tends to get overlooked because his medium is drawing and because at first sight they look very traditional. Behind those drawings, though, there’s a methodology that fits with contemporary conceptual art.’