'Michael Stumpf' (The Herald, 31/05/2008)

Born in Mannheim, but based in Glsgow since completing an MFA at the city’s art school in 2004, the interesting and highly conceptual Michael Stumpf fashions slightly cryptic combinations of media to create sculptures that play on linguistic double meaning alliteration and sounds. Sorcha Dallas first spotted Stumpf whilst he was completing his MFA, and have since taken him to the Frieze art fair where his juxtaposition of the manmade and the natural - real acorns and crows feet bound with resin to alter their surfaces - proved an instant success. “Usually it takes a few visits for an artist’s language to be understood,” says Dallas, “but this was instantaneous, which is exciting.” Stumpf’s latest work has developed from a residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop where he experimented with casting in aluminium and bronze, bringing a different, perhaps more historical aspect to his work, something of which his tutors at alma mater Karlsruhe, famous for its traditions of craftsmanship, would no doubt approve.