Liz Shannon, 'Review' (The List, 08/01/2009)

A little jewel of a show can currently be found lodged below Argyle Street in Glasgow, featuring works by a variety of local and international artists who share a common interest in the idea of repetition. Curated by Sorcha Dallas in her self-titled gallery, this exhibition stands head and shoulders above many group shows presented by larger, better-funded spaces.

The walls of the first room are covered with Claudia Wieser’s decidedly lo-fi photocopied wallpaper, which completely transforms the space. A series of wonderful text works by Sue Tompkins, who has a fantastic ear (and eye) for the poetic and absurd, are juxtaposed with three metal framed chairs by Franz West, the seats which are made from luminous strips of brightly coloured material, while Fiona Jardine’s collage forms the room’s central focus.

Next-door, the first space’s black ad grey walls are subtly echoed by Jardine’s painted buttress and plinth. Bridget Riley, disarming works by John Wesley and two beautiful paintings by Alan Michael surround two more of West’s chairs, this time looking les like sculptures that just happen to be chairs, and more like inviting places to sit. Several books of poetry by EE Cummings link back to Tompkins’ work and encourage the viewer to linger, while Eva Berendes’ woven screen sits ceremoniously off to one side, allowing us to peak through its coloured threads. This beautifully crafted and considered show showcases Dallas’ considerable skills.

Subject Exhibition

r e p ’ e . t ’ t i o n, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
With: Eva Berendes, E. E. Cummings, Fiona Jardine, Alan Michael, …