Sarah Urwin Jones, 'Rearrange your face' (The Herald, 11/03/2011)

This Sorcha Dallas group show of three artists sharing an interest in “figuration as a starting point to abstraction” reveals three very different preoccupations with giving (semi) recognisable form. Michael Bauer (born in 1973 in Erkelenz, Germany) presents an explosion of forms in painting and sculpture, whose disparate elements seem forced together in the creation of new, disturbingm composite life. Charlie Hammond (born in 1979 in Aylesbury) paints a satirical view of the iniquities of sociological improvement by committee in a world his gallery describes as a “dysfunctional suburbia”. Meanwhile, Gabriel Hartley (born in 1981 in London) references art history in bold, compromised forms - often hgihly manipulated and worked - whether in oil or sculpture. Expect something uneasy, unsettling and yet oddly familiar.

Subject Exhibition

Rearrange your face, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow
With: Michael Bauer, Charlie Hammond, Gabriel Hartley