Robert Clark, 'Rob Churm' (The Guardian, 30/04/2011)

Rob Churm explains the title of this exhibition, The Exhaustion Hook, thus: “The hook looks like a leminscate but it feels like a ball bearing.” Clear? He deals in deliberate graphic bewilderments. A central figure of his etchings and wall drawings in Tipp-Ex and Biro is his alter ego Prame, a character who apparently dates back to Churm’s zine comics The Thirteen Flashbacks Of Prame and My Visions. This would all add up to pseudo-surreal wackiness if it weren’t for the artist’s subtle ability to mix dreamworld doodling with compositions of geometric precision. So Death wields a bladeless scythe amid a congregation of hardly credible angels and dragons as, elsewhere, good old Prame paddles across the River Styx in a toy canoe.