98 Saltmarket, Glasgow (25/11–27/11/2005)
As part of Radiance Festival
With: Cezary Bodzianowski, Sophie Macpherson, Sue Tompkins

Cezary Bodzianowski uses performance, video and photography to record transient actions. Often his interventions are unofficially staged with the action going completely unnoticed. These moments are an expression of Bodzianowski’s interest in a daily artistic necessity. What they all share is their intentional limitation to the simplest form, enabling both the artist and audience to spontaneously react to found situations. It is their lack of choreography or staging that enables a genuine reading of the works, where everyday situations are tinged by Bodzianowski’s poetic presence. Bodzianowski was born in 1968. He lives and works in Lodz, Poland and is represented by Foksal Gallery, Warsaw. He will have a solo show at Sorcha Dallas in May 2006.

Sophie Macpherson makes sculptures, drawings and photographs which are often displayed together, suggesting interrelated fictions. Her large scale sculptures resemble backdrops or props for performances with echoes of Busby Berkeley and the sardonic glitz of Berlin cabaret. Macpherson was born in 1972; she lives and works in Glasgow and is represented by Sorcha Dallas.

Sue Tompkins’ daily existence is completely interconnected with her artistic practice. She uses found objects, magazines and text to create her own very unique and individual aesthetic. Her performances are a hypnotic experience where she uses repetition and rhythm to create a genuinely emotive reading. Tompkins was born in 1971; she lives and works in Glasgow and is represented by The Modern Institute.